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My latest hobby August 30, 2015

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For the past month and a half I have been completely consumed with my latest hobby of mold making and casting.  Here are images from my first two-part mold and my attempt to cast breakaway bottles.  The bottles aren’t made of sugar but a plastic that is designed to look and sound like glass.

It’s actually a slightly difficult project with the mold making being the easiest part.  The difficulty is in making the casting because in order for me to make the bottles I have to roll it.  You can see in the final images where a lot of the plastic collected to one side.

There’s actually a lot of things that I learned both with making the molds and casting the bottles.  It’s important that what you are molding is completely clean.  Any mark, smudge, fingerprint, waterspot… it will show up in the final mold.  I made that mistake with the 2nd part of my mold, but luckily when I cast with the breakaway plastic it doesn’t show up.  With rolling the mold to create a hollow cast, it’s all about knowing how much material to use and timing.  The plastic has a certain drying time, and in my first set I didn’t pay too much attention to it.  The best cast bottle I made was because I really spent a lot of time knowing the stage of curing the material was at.  If the rolled bottle is too thin, it doesn’t hold over time and starts to sag; if it is too thick, it can harm the recipient (person).  It’s all about being very exact, quick, and most of all, experience!

It all came out pretty well considering it’s my first two-part mold! 🙂  To view the series of images in creation, click on the link below.



Fox Spirit July 4, 2015

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The other day I was in conversation with the fox.  Each drawing had a different message that was being relayed, and while I find the messaged to be a bit more personal, some of what was told can be seen written on the page.  I’m mostly sharing this for the drawings, as I was quite happy to see the different styles found with each picture.  Most of the drawings were done without looking at too much reference.

To share, the bulk of the messages seemed to pertain to perception, which now as I write this can be indicated by the different styles.  I won’t get too involved in the meaning and messages, at least not in this blog (maybe my other one!), but as I said, you can probably read some of it per page.  Thanks!

Bat flight test July 4, 2015

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I’ve been studying wings and movement since the beginning of the year, so after I finished my bird study, I moved to bats.  This turned into a little slower process than I expected (life happened) and while this is unfinished I think the goal of what I was trying to achieve has been reached.  I’ve had this completed up to this point for months, and I don’t think I’d get around to finishing it, so I’m just going to upload what I have.

The key difference between the bat and the bird is in the movement of the wings.  Doing this exercise I feel bats fly with a more scooping, pulling action and birds with a more pushing movement.

Calligraphy pen January 19, 2015

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A break from wings, feathers and birds, I was testing out a calligraphy pen.

Wings, Feathers, and Flight January 17, 2015

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As this year began I decided to give myself assignments to keep me motivated to draw more consistently.  The first thing that came up on the personal syllabus I created for myself was to study wings, leading to feathers, birds, and flight mechanics.

I’ve posting my drawings on my Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook page but seemed to have forgotten to get to this.

(I created a Facebook page!  Follow me! https://www.facebook.com/visionsbyjohanna as I tend to update that much more often than this blog for the ease.)

I began by studying bird wings, then feathers, and now flight mechanics/movements.  I was actually quite lucky in that I even had the chance to make feathers for a prehistoric/extinct bird puppet  made for a local museum the other day!  Although I don’t have any pictures of the puppet and haven’t seen the final, here are images of the drawings I made.



For the animation:

My focus was on understanding the movement and spacing drawings, not making a visually appealing animation, spending only a few hours a night the last 2-3 days. The main poses I copied directly from the video (in black), all the others (in blue) were my attempt to fill in the empty frames.

The youtube clip has more of an explanation, the vimeo clip just the animation.

You tube:


Giraffe January 2, 2015

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Here is the latest work I did.  It is based off a baby giraffe photo a friend had posted on her Facebook page and it inspired me to do this piece.  I then gifted it to my friend as a surprise Christmas present, arriving at her home a on the 23rd.

Giraffe spirit has been ever present in the last few months of 2014 and it really pushed me to wanting to complete this before the year ended.  As I was feeling drawn to the spirit of the great animal, I had stumbled upon some things I wrote in a sketchbook two years earlier.  These writings were direct messages from the Giraffe spirit and are actually on this blog under my Fiona and Friends section.  Here’s the link to the section with Giraffe and the messages I received.


Here’s to the beginning of a new year! 🙂  Hopefully, you’ll be seeing more of my work as I intend to push forward on my art.


A Healer’s Sight December 15, 2014

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A Healer's SightI created this piece as a gift to give to a medical intuitive of Native American descent.  I wanted to use my new watercolour set by Sennelier.

I named the piece “A Healer’s Sight” to represent the work of the medical intuitive.  The ability to see through the external into deeper depths of the soul with spirit helpers.  The colors are reflective of a rainbow as this year I’ve been strongly working with Iris and rainbow energy.

I recently decided to push through much stronger with creating art, so hopefully, you’ll see more productivity coming from my end in the coming years.  I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do!

The Breakdown of Logic – The Painting October 2, 2014

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The Breakdown of Logic

For the past week I’ve been working on this painting (above) I call, “The Breakdown of Logic”.  I can’t say I knew exactly where it was going to go from the beginning.  I just had an idea, one that’s been with me for a few years–two people kissing.  I actually was intending to copy a drawing from an artist I admire, Barry Windsor Smith (BWS), from his book Opus.   In case you want to look up my reference, his drawing is called “Wine”.


So the basic structure of the painting is based off that drawing.  However, the further I got into painting, the more I had an idea of where I wanted this to go.  What I thought would be the hardest part I’m actually happy came out pretty well to my satisfaction — the hand (I even left it for last!).  You can see the different stages the painting went through in the video clip below.  Each photo is the result of each time I worked on it, with the painting really taking place in about a week span.


For a more in depth view on the meaning of this painting, I’ll probably write something in my more formal blog when I get the chance.  Thanks!

Pinguina unfinished October 1, 2014

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Earlier this year (around February/March) I wanted to merge animation with real video clips.   The other night before going off to bed, this clip came to mind.  I never got around to finishing this and don’t really intend to but feel the need to just post it online.  Not all things started have to be finished.  I forgot I even had this idea.  Originally, it was just the line work, so today I filled in the space with white so you can see the movement better.  Although it’s not refined, I still find it to be very cute.  I was an attempt for a penguin-like creature to just simply run across the screen, jumping over objects–a way to work with a pre-set background and perspective in movement.


Red Egg September 23, 2014

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My cousin is having a Red Egg/100 day party to celebrate her daughter’s birth in June.  She asked if I could help her out so I made this little graphic for her.  (Her last name is Mah, with the same character being that of the horse.)  It didn’t take me long to do it. mah